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Rebar calculator

Rebar calculator 1

Rebar diameter, mm
Rebar rods length, m
Rebar rods amount
Rebar cost per ton

Rebar calculator 2

Rebar diameter, mm
Rebar rods length, m
Entire rebar weight, kg
Price per ton

It is possible to choose between two systems: metrics and imperial. If you have your dimensions in feet, please, convert it to inches using the small converter that appears after clicking on “Imperial”.

Depending on the initial data you have and an outcome you need choose one of two calculators or use the both.

Rebar calculator 1 outcome:

  • Total weight;
  • Total length;
  • Total volume;
  • Weight of one m (or foot) ;
  • One rod weight;
  • Total cost.

Rebar calculator 2 outcome:

  • Total length;
  • Amount of rods;
  • Volume;
  • Weight of one m (or foot);
  • Weight of one rod;
  • Total cost.

Searching for the free online estimation tool giving the accurate, reliable and prompt results for you construction project? Here is a free online rebar calculator, actually divided in two separate once, which can assist you in estimating the weight, quantity and costs of the reinforcement bars for foundations, basements and other concrete or masonry structures. In particular, you will be able to get the data about the total quantity, volume, and weight, the weight of a single bar and the weight of a metre of a structure.

Before you get started with the construction, you have to perform the correct calculation of the required quantity of the bars to build the future basement of the building. Our online application has been developed specifically for this purpose helping quickly to specify the needed parameters. It is substantial to know the length and weight of a single bar, because this free online rebar weight calculator will use the data to calculate the total weight, length and number of the bars.

Before you start the estimation, you should have a clear vision of the future framing of a house or another building. For this, it is better to refer to the elaborated layout drawings. As the practice shows, there are two the most popular options to choose from, i.e. usually, you go for either a girder or strip foundation, or a block one. Putting the armature into the construction of the girder, strip, pile and bearing pot foundations means to set up the reliable and sound base for the durability and structural integrity of your house.

The steel rebar is widely used as a tensioning tool to reinforce concrete structures. It helps to strengthen the concrete and hold it in a tensioned state as well as it carries the tensile loads of the structure. These elements of the structure are commonly supplied with the patterned surface, which mechanically forms a firm bond with the concrete. Regardless the concrete is a quite strong material in compression, it is relatively weak in tension.

How to calculate reinforcement steel quantity? When we are estimating the total expenditures to be incurred for the construction of the structure, we have to take into account all materials needed. The simplest way to get this information is to work with the drawings available. You can calculate the exact amount of the materials based on the data provided in the layout drawings. In case, when they are not available, you should account the planned quantities.

There are three main methods of the steel reinforcement calculation. The easiest method provides the calculation due to the type of structure and volume of the elements. The second approach addresses more to the estimation of the weight. The third method combines the previous two, i.e. uses the data of the structure type, volume and type of the elements used and the weight of them. The methods vary in accuracy they provide.

When you know the quantity of the materials needed for your project, you can plan your budget and estimated the possible cost of it.

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