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This online simple loan calculator is designed to calculate your credit costs and amount of payments. In the modern world people apply for different credit lines and products offered by banks in case when they are short of money or plan a major purchase. Numerous credit unions and banks have various requirements you should meet before getting the credit. When you are on your way in acquiring a house, a car, or you are looking for additional funds needed for construction of a building or business development purposes like purchase of new equipment, you must always keep in mind some notes. First, before you start applying for the credit program, you must be completely sure that the selected one is the most optimal and suitable solution. Our online program will assist you in your choice based on the parameters set-up and the data entered into corresponding boxes (e.g. amount of repayments, repayment period, differential or annuity payments type etc.). There is also possibility to select the part of the indebtedness payment, monthly balance of the debt and amount overpaid. Our free application perfectly fits for these types of loans:

  • auto, if you like to change your car and buy a brand new one;
  • student, which is very popular among young people who are willing to get a qualitative higher education, but have no money for that at the moment;
  • different payoffs, especially if they are unexpected and can’t be left overdue;
  • annual or differential interest, independent what payment type you prefer, our online programme will help you in both cases;
  • house, it seems reasonable to borrow some money when the dream about your own house is coming the truth, but previously you have to assess the risks and you possibilities;
  • credit card – we all like and use them, but from time to time it is useful to analyze the credit line you have and the offers from other banks, by this app you can easily get the preliminary data about payments and amounts;
  • other.

If you have some doubts while considering the credit programs proposed by banks and credit unions, this bank loan calculator will definitely help you to take a wise decision. Today, the credit unions often offer better payment conditions and lower rates as banks do. Moreover, the requirements of the eligibility have been reduced and changed in favor of customers.

This online program has a function of the interest only loan calculator, so you can estimate supposed consequences in advance if you go for this kind of credit.

It allows to easily calculate interest rate and fit your payment. How to do that? Just fill the boxes of the free online app by the information asked. You also can print the results received. That is quite convenient while comparing and analyzing. As it said before you will be asked to identify what type of repayment you have: a differential one or annuity. The principal difference lays in amount of repayments and the ways in which they are calculated. Usually, customers get the terms of the annuity. It means the debt is to be repaid in equal installments the whole period.

Differential credit

Differential credit is a kind of the credit, which is more complicate to get, as a customer should confirm his or her financial solvency and present higher incomes because this credit provides differential approach to repayments. In the beginning of the repayment period, a customer pays a larger amount than in the end of it, because in the beginning the bigger part of the repayment amount is the principal one.

Annuity credit

Annuity credit provides the repayment by equal installments. It seems to be more convenient for a customer, as the amount is not changed for so long as the credit contract is valid and a customer does not need to carry out any additional calculations.

In any case, once you have decided to borrow money, you should consider all pros and cons, and study the conditions of the credit offered.

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