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Strip foundation calculator

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Standardized foundation type:

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Fill in dimensions in mm:

Foundation width: X
Foundation length: Y
Foundation height: H
Foundation thickness: A
Distance: С

Rebar parameters:

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Horizontal rebar G
Vertical rebar V
Connecting rebar Z
Bar spacing S
1 meter rebar weight, kg

Formwork parameters:

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Board thickness
Board length
Board width

Concrete mix parameters:

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Bag weight, kg

Concrete proportion by weight
cement : sand : gravel :

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Enter construction materials prices:

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Cement (per bag)
Sand (per 1 ton)
Gravel (per 1 ton)
Board (per 1 cubic meter)
Rebar (per 1 ton)

This online concrete strip foundation calculator can assist you in estimating the amount of construction materials needed to build such type of a basement. It will be in service of those who design and pour a monolithic basement of building. As a result, you will get preliminary future expenses.

The estimator  is designed to do calculations in mm or feet:

  • H — Height;
  • A – Thickness;
  • X — Width;
  • Y — Length;
  • C — Distance between axes of jumpers;
  • S — Spacing between rebars connection;
  • G — Horizontal rows;
  • V — Vertical rods;
  • Z — Connecting reinforcement steel.

Planning a house basement is an important process that requires accurate calculating of the construction materials amount required to build the strip foundation that is also known as continuous or spread footing. As the practice shows, the expenditures paid to construct a monolithic structure can reach one third of the total expenses budgeted to build a house or another building.

Our online app can make all the estimations easier and plan a future monolithic structure. You will know the footing size, amount of concrete and other materials needed. In other words, the whole construction and design can be done. You are able to calculate the amount of the mixture, quantity of boards, rebar, which will be necessary when pouring the basement. Beside it, you have to take into account screws and nails, expenditures for the transportation, construction and earth work.

Therefore, you will get the information about:

– total squaring of a building (it comes useful when you plan the waterproofing finish and thermal insulation);

– quantity of floor slabs and amount of the mixture;

– quantity of reinforcement steel bars depending on the diameter, length and weight indicated;

– amount of construction materials in units, area of timbering in cubic meters;

– calculation of an approximate price of construction materials (it is done separately for every project);

– drawings of a future basement.

As the app can be used as a (concrete) cement  foundation cost calculator, you can easily identify the amount and price of the materials needed for the mixture. The proportions to get 1 m³ of the mixture will be estimated in line with the reference recommendations provided by manufactures of the sand, gravel chippings or macadam, and cement. The price can be slightly different in various regions. When planning, one should take into account that the composition of the mixture will depend most of all on the type of the cement used, the period how long it has been already stored and under what conditions, and the size of the gravel or macadam. Storage under higher humidity  turns cement bags into monolith and the cement losses its properties. The price for the gravel and sand should be stated as per 1 ton, while manufactures usually ask to pay for 1 m³. You may clarify all needed parameters approaching the manufacture of bulk materials as well as the price.

How to build a house foundation?

The basement needs to be built in accordance with the previously specified plan. It has to be laid out accurately. Despite it is not visible, the proper construction of the basement is vital for the security of a house. When you design the basement, you have to consider potential loads on it. You also should do the survey of the soil to be sure the strip basement is allowed to be established on it.

Then, you have to perform the necessary preparatory work on your land plot like to make a plan of a future basement, excavate trenches and establish timbering. Before you pour the mixture, you also have to ensure the necessary stock of materials like the rebar, sand, macadam, timbering boards. You will benefit if you have a possibility to purchase a manufactured mixture because then you are able to pour the structure at once. If you do it in manual way, note that the pouring of a monolithic structure must be carried out in one day. Otherwise, the so called ‘cold joints’ might occur leading to cracking of the structure.

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