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This online free concrete – cement calculator estimates the amount of materials needed (including sand and macadam) for a good mixture. You have to indicate the following variables:

  • М – Number of bags needed to prepare 1 m³ of the mixture;
  • Е – Necessary quantity of the mixture in m³;
  • К – Weight of one bag  in kg.

You may also enter the figures stating average prices for the construction materials in your region. The price can significantly vary in various regions and in different seasons. In addition, the application will calculate an approximate sum of your future expenses. Note, that the price for sand and gravel is to be indicated as per the weight measurement unit, not of the volume.

How to calculate concrete to be poured or used for the construction? This information is easily found in the drawings developed for your construction project, in particular in the estimated costs. If you do not have this part of your documents, you always can do the corresponding calculations by simple online program, manually by application of the appropriate formulas or approach a construction specialist who will do it for you.

The proportions of construction materials needed to prepare 1 m³ of the mixture should be clarified according to the recommendations provided by manufacturers of construction materials used.

The quality of the prepared mixture to larger extent depends on the quality and properties of the gravel chippings or macadam, sand, and other materials. Long-term storage and increased humidity can affect the quality of the material resulting in loosing of some its properties.

Producers state the weight of a bag as 50 kg, but in fact, the weight can be slightly different. It is always reasonable to check the given data and weigh some bags randomly selected. The present concrete bag calculator estimates an amount of bags needed

Suppliers of gravel, sand, and macadam tend to specify the price per 1 m³, and if you would like to do estimations based on the present app, you should convert the data into the price per 1 ton. You also can get these data from the supplier. When purchasing the sand, remember, that the river sand is heavier than the sand excavated from a sandpit, and 1 m³ is about 1500 kg. The weight of the gravel and macadam can differ because of fractions size and the difference may be from 1200 to 2500 kg. Note, the finer the fraction is, the heavier the material is.

Our online concrete cost calculator  measures a price you will pay. It also calculates the price of 1 m³ of the mixture, approximate lump sum and expenditure of construction materials.

Lasting quality and solidity of the monolithic structure of a built foundation and other constructions will depend on the quality of construction materials used, conditions of the mixture preparation and the way of compacting, selected proportion of bulk materials to add to the mixture.

How to easily measure concrete mix content and proportions?

If your construction site is nearby to a batching plant, it is advisable to order the mixture of the preferable brand or proportions having specified the fraction of the macadam and specific consistency. Job mixers vehicles provide transportation of ready mixes. It excludes any precipitations getting into mixtures, direct sunrays exposure, disturbance and segregation of the homogeneous mixture, loss of the laitance.

If you are going to prepare the mixture in manual way hiring a construction firm or qualified workers, it is sound to use the proportions recommended by manufactures of the construction materials, which will be used. In this case, it is almost impossible to assess correctly the consistency. Excess amount of water in the mixture can lead to loss of the solidity of a structure.

It is also possible to run a concrete calculation for Portland cement, which is a very famous component of a reliable mix.  However, there is no difference in estimation.

It is obvious, on the construction sites there are no reliable methods to specify all basic parameters of construction materials, in particular of sand (moisture, volume, specific gravity, void ratio, size composition, content of organic and clay inclusions); gravel chippings(moisture, hardness, bulk weight, volume of voids, etc); ready mix (weight, solidity, consistency), and other. You may approach an experienced worker who will define all necessary parameters and calculate ready mix of concrete referring to available reference data.

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