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Rolled lawn calculator

Enter dimensions in m:

Land length Y, m
Land width X, m
Roll length A, m
Roll width B, m
Necessary reserve C,%
One roll weight V, kg
Price per roll
Labor work price per roll


If you are one of the owners of gardens who tend to have lush green lawns, you should try to organize a nice-looking smooth lawn, which actually is not complicated. The great help is provided by a modern and popular solution at the market like beautiful rolling lawns, which are easy to place and keep in a good state. Certainly, the companies offering the rolling lawns offer their services in placing them. However, if you prefer D.I.Y. solutions (D.I.Y. is short for do it yourself) every time when it is possible, or just would like to try it for the first time, you will appreciate this online lawn calculator. There is nothing extra complicated in landscaping of the rolled lawns. They are supplied as a turf rolls with the grass seeds in it to create a smooth cover.

This online lawn size and area calculator will estimate how many rolls of the lawn are required to cover the area you specified. You may prefer to cover the total site or a part of it. What you are required to know is the size of the land plot or a selected part of it and the size of one roll of lawn turf. Based on the data given, you will fast estimate the number of rolls that you might need and their cost. The results you get are for the preliminary planning purposes as the accuracy of them depends on the accuracy of the data entered. Once you have decided about the site of your lawn, take the corresponding measurements and enter the following data:

  • X — Width of the site;
  • Y — Length of the site;
  • A — Length of the roll;
  • B — Width of the roll;
  • C — Stock in percents (the stock should not be less than 5 % for the standard land plot and at least 10% for the area with the paths, flowerbeds and flower borders.);
  • V — Weight of one roll, in kg.

Then you should indicate the direction of the roll laying.

If you need to calculate the approximate costs, you have to specify the price of the work and the price of the roll.

Before you start laying the lawn roll, you must prepare the area for it. You have to clean the area and treat the soil with the chemicals designated for this purpose. Usually, they are easily found in the garden centers. The next step is establishment of the drainage. Afterwards the area is to be covered with the fertile soil. The area of the future lawn is watered and some fertilizers are added 7 days in advance.

Despite the simplicity in establishing and taking care, some actions could be needed later. The proper treatment of the lawn may ask for some fertilizers to be applied. It seems reasonable to estimate amount of turf to be treated before you go shopping for the chemicals. In this case you can again address to this online app.

There is one more option to get a grassy-looking lawn, which will not require almost anything in time. It is the artificial turf. It is commonly used in the sports centers. The artificial grass can be delivered in rolls and in blocks or panels forming a portable turf system, which seems to be very convenient. The artificial turf is a rigid surface and it is definitely harder than the grass is. You may look for it to lay down on the front lawn of your house. It stays long, remains the same color all year round and is resistant to different weather conditions.

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