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Fence calculator

Drawing scale:

Enter dimensions in m:

Land width, m
Left side length, m
Right side length, m


Post spacing, m
Post cost
Gate and wicket width, m
Post spacing correction(equalizes spacing)

Fence construction materials:

Chain link (wiring net)
Sheeting (metal etc.)

This online application is the fence calculator. You may use it to calculate the required amount of the profiled metal sheets. Additionally, the app will estimate all supporting material, metallic net, wood, wooden prefabricated panels, metal or vinyl panels, pickets, supporting posts. Actually, your choice greatly depends on your preferences in mind and the function you esteem like a decorative one, enhancing the security and privacy.

If you have to calculate how much you are going to pay for the building materials, you just enter the parameters requested in the corresponding boxes of the table.

There is an option ‘correction of the posts spacing’, which makes this software the fence post spacing calculator. When you use it, you get the drawings with equally spaced supporting posts for every side of the land plot and the corrected spacing between them. It seems to be quite convenient. However, take a note that the gate supporting posts are also included in the calculation.

You may consider completely different options of the construction materials. The wire netting does not require a lot of investments or specific skills to be mounted to the posts. It looks simple and uncomplicated. The only you have to know how many rolls you will need. Here you can try another function of the app, which is the chain link fence calculator.

If you prefer wood and more homely or traditional appeal, you may use the prefabricated wooden panels. By the way, the wood remains on the most popular and preferable solution regardless the variety of other materials. It is very easy to work with the wood; you can manage it with a hammer and nails. No specific skills or knowledge is necessary. If you stay with this option, it is good to estimate in advance how much wood panels before you buy them. The wood fence calculator computes amount of materials for “board on board” or cedar fencing.

The precise calculation of how much you may pay for depends on how you have done the measurements and entered the corresponding figures in the boxes.

When it comes to the budget of your project, should take into account two main variables of it when specifying the pricing, i.e. the labour component and materials

The fence cost calculator offers you to enter the following parameters:

  • Width of the land plot, m;
  • Length of the left side, m;
  • Length of the right side, m;
  • Spacing between the posts, m;
  • Price of the post;
  • Width of the gate and wicket, m;
  • Correction of the post spacing.

When filling out, you are requested to specify the construction material you want to do calculations for.

You may select between the wiring net (known also as a diamond-mesh net), wood, or sheets.

If you are planning to do the installation on your own, you get all the data you may need. Do measurements very accurate and your results received will be specific and reliable. If you do like to finish it yourself without any assistance from the side of the skilled personnel, the right metal material is the chain-link net. As it is mentioned above, it is also easy to work with wood.

In any case, this online application is of great use for if when you have decided to build a fence.

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