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Wall tile calculator

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Tile height F, mm

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Room width B, mm
Walls height Y, mm
Subtract area of wall A:
A1, mm
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B1, mm
B2, mm
Subtract area of wall C:
C1, mm
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Subtract area of wall D:
D1, mm
D2, mm
Tile price per, 1 m2
Labor work cost per, 1 m2


The given online wall tile calculator is able to estimate tile quantity and cost for: bathroom, kitchen, toilet , corridor etc. Of course, you can use services provided by the qualified and licensed tillers, who can effectively assist you in proper assessment of the needs of your project, in performing the measurements of the area, and executing the quality job. But if you would like to do the job on your own or just trying to evaluate the future expenditures, you will definitely recognize the benefits of this free online app.

The estimating formula used excludes the area, which is not to be tiled. For example, a door, a hidden wall. You should indicate these areas separately. When you are in the process of your project, it is necessary to know the quantity of the material you plan to use. Most likely, you are not going to pay for an extra amount of it, especially if the supplier does not take back the unused stock. On the other hand, you probably do not like the idea to be short in material when the work has been already started. The finishing material supplied from different batches may slightly vary in colors or patterns even if it is sold  and bought in the same shop.

One of the most convenient ways is to use the app as the bathroom tile calculator. Bathroom is a place with a high level of humidity. Under such conditions, wall tiling is the best solution. The reason is that you can exclude amount of material for bath, toilet, shower cabin etc, in order to calculate amount of tile needed. This app will give you the estimated quantity of the materials needed and the area of the finishing work. In particular, you will get the results calculated for the whole room and for every wall separately. Then you will know the required amount of the grouting based on the total length of all joints. The app also gives the data about total length of the decorative ceiling molding including the area without a finishing.

Also it is possible to use this online software as a simple ceramic tile calculator. You should only indicate the parameters required for the estimation as follows:

  • A — Length of the room (e.g. bathroom);
  • B — Width of the room;
  • Y — Height to the ceiling;
  • E — Width of a single item (ceramic or porcelain);
  • F — Height of a single item (ceramic or porcelain).

Pay your attention to the fact that the data are to be entered in mm, but the results you get in square meters. Please add to the received result about 5 -7 % for some waste and breakage.

You may use materials of different size to make an accent or borders, you should also take it into consideration. If the dimensions of such single items are provided in cm, you must convert them in mm when you apply this program.

When you are selecting the materials to be used for the finishing, it is usually recommended to go for reliable manufactures and distributors. Only in this case the job will look good and you will not have to replace it for a long time. Note, that all types of tile (shower, marble, granite, glass mosaic, decorative etc) are proper for the calculation and measurement.

The tile layout seems to be an essential part of the process. Select and fix a starting point to create a balanced and desirable appearance of the finishing. The calculator gives the preliminary drawing of the layout. You can print these drawings if you like and use them to do the visual assessment of the layout and possible cuts. You get separate schemes for all walls.

Using the drawings, you can easily specify the way of the tiling and planned quantity of the waste. The grouting should be done horizontally. In addition, at this point, items should be fixed in their final position.

If you specify the price of the job and price of the material, the result will include calculation of the tile cost (total price).

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